Programs of the Baptist Healing Trust include...
Caring for the Caregiver

BHT believes in the importance of meeting the health needs of our community with a balance of excellence in skill and great compassion. Providing true compassionate care is both rewarding and challenging, and caregivers need continual support. To this end, the BHT sponsors programs designed to address the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of caregivers and medical professionals through retreats and workshops.

Get Covered Tennessee

Get Covered Tennessee is a private collaboration to help uninsured Tennesseans understand and enroll in new health care coverage options provided by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In Tennessee, more than 900,000 children and adults are currently uninsured.  This means that nearly one in six Tennesseans lives without access to timely, appropriate, and affordable medical care.  Baptist Healing Trust is working to coordinate efforts among various stakeholder groups and nonprofits in order to maximize outreach and enrollment with limited resources.  





Special Awards

The BHT awards recognition to nonprofits through the Center for Nonprofit Management’s Salute to Excellence. The Compassionate Care Award recognizes nonprofits where love and compassion characterize the delivery of its service. The Access to Care Award recognizes organizations that demonstrate boldness in expanding access to care through advocacy and entrepreneurship, especially for the vulnerable in Middle Tennessee.

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