Preference will be given to currently operating programs that demonstrate strong community need and ongoing sustainability as well as new programs or expansions where high community need has been documented.

Awards are generally granted on a year-to-year basis.  Applicants may only make two grant application submissions within a twelve month period.  

A limited number of programs may receive multi-year (two to three year) funding. Generally, multi-year requests are only considered for new programs.  Annual evaluation will occur, which may result in redirecting of funds. Multi-year requests should decrease in amount requested each subsequent year.  Applicants must receive pre-approval from the program staff to apply for a multi-year grant.

Grants typically range from $20,000 - $100,000 per year in order to maximize impact to the community.  Currently, the average grant award is around $36,000.  Smaller requests ($10,000 and under) should come through the Small Transom Grant Program.

A given organization typically will not receive more than one grant of a specific type per year. However, an organization can have two different types of grants simultaneously (with the exception of an operating grant and a transom grant, which will not be awarded simultaneously). 

Awards will be no more than 10% of an organization's current fiscal year's operating expenses or previous fiscal year's contributed revenues (excluding in kinds), whichever of the two amounts is less.

All awards (except operating and critical needs grants) are paid yearly 50% at the beginning of the term and 50% after the completion of a mid-term progress assessment.

The trust is unlikely to support proposals for:

  • Grants for the purchase, construction or renovation of facilities (capital grants)
  • Grants to individuals and fraternal organizations
  • Grants to other grant-making organizations
  • Grants to organziations that are discriminatory
  • Grants to support partisan politics, political lobbying, or electoral campaigns
  • Grants to single disease, research-oriented organizations
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