Application Process Overview

The Baptist Healing Trust's online grant application has a number of features that allow applicants to complete, manage, and submit one or more preliminary application forms as well as the full proposal form.

Online Application Features

  • User Log-In: Create a password, with your e-mail address as a username. If you are applying for more than one organization, please use separate e-mail addresses for each organization.  (The Foundation will not share your e-mail address with any other organization.)
  • E-mail Confirmation: Your e-mail will be used to confirm receipt of your application, with all future correspondence also being sent via mail.
  • Start Now, Finish Later: Your username and password will let you save an in-process application for up to 120 days. As long as you access and modify your application at least once every 120 days, the saved application will remain in your file.

Overview of the Online Application

Employer Identification Number:

•  To start the application, please provide your organization's Employer Identification Number.   Sample: 39-1234567

Preliminary Application

Complete the Trust’s preliminary application to formally request funding for either a Transom, Partnership or Impacting Education grant. This form introduces both the applicant organization and the proposed project or program to the Trust. Please complete the Trust’s online form.

Shortly after its receipt, the program staff will respond to the applicant via e-mail regarding the status of the preliminary application and next steps.

Preliminary Applications have three parts:

  • Organization Information
  • Contact Information
  • Brief Project Description and Program Design

Full Proposal

The Trust will notify applicants about how to proceed once a preliminary application has been received. Depending on the previous history with the Trust, applicants whose programs meet the criteria of the Trust will be asked to conduct a face to face meeting with the Trust or a phone conference. After this meeting, the staff will notify applicants when there is an interest in exploring the grant request further, and a full proposal will be requested. Full proposals should be completed via our secure online application process. Please only include materials requested by the Trust. Applicants must have a completed profile on GivingMatters™ by the full proposal deadline.

The Transom, Partnership and Impacting Education Grant Full Proposals have seven parts:

  • Organization Information
  • Contact Information
  • Executive Summary
  • Needs Assessment 
  • Complete Project Description 
  • Project Financial Information

Attachments Required

  • Transom, Education or Partnership Grant Budget Form
  •  Board of Directors Contact Info Form 
  • Current Financial Statements (Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet)
  •  Organization Chart
  •  Optional: Letters of Support

Critical Needs and Operating Grants

Some applicants, who have a previous funding relationship with BHT, are eligibile to apply for Operating and Critical Needs Grants.  Please see the How to Apply: Critical Needs Grant page for more information on Critical Needs grants and the How to Apply: Operating Grant page for more information about Operating Grants as these applications have seperate eligibility criteria and application processes.  For example, Operating Grant applicants are not required to submit a preliminary application.

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