How To Apply

The Baptist Healing Trust utilizes a secure online application process, which includes submitting a preliminary application, and if requested, a full proposal. Please read through the following steps to learn how to complete the process.
Find out if you qualify...

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Organization with a 501(c)3 status
  • Organization in operation as a 501(c)3 at least one year by the time of the full proposal deadline
  • Organization must be located in Middle Tennessee and serve at least one of the forty counties in Middle Tennessee. Click here to view counties served in Middle Tennessee.
  • Organization increases access to compassionate health services for the vulnerable and produces measurable health outcomes.

Review the detailed Eligibility Criteria and Grant Guidelines to ensure potential fit before proceeding.


Submit A Preliminary Application...

New applicants are required to attend the Introduction Workshop.  Click here to learn more about BHT workshops.  

Applicants create or update their GivingMatters™ profile, and applicants use the secure online application that is located on the right side of this page.

Preliminary Applications include:

  • Organization Information
  • Contact Information
  • Brief Project Description and Program Design

Before beginning a preliminary application, visit our Grants Section.  Learn about each type of grant by reviewing the grant information pages.  

Once we have submitted a preliminary application, what do we do next?

Depending on the fit of the program to the Trust’s current eligibility criteria and guidelines, you will be contacted by the Trust via e-mail to:

  1. schedule a meeting
  2. have a phone conference
  3. be informed that the application does not fit our current guidelines


How do we submit a full proposal?

Once your Preliminary Application is submitted and reviewed, and you have had a follow up meeting with the program staff, the Trust will request a Full Proposal if there is a fit between your program and the Trust.

The Full Proposal includes:

  • Full Organization Description
  • Executive Summary
  • Needs Assessment
  • Full Program Description
  • Project Financial Information: Including a Budget, Budget Justification and Program Sustainability
  • Attachments: Budget Form, Board of Director’s Contact Form, Current Financial Statements, Organization Chart




After we submit a full proposal, what happens next?
  • The Trust gives a full staff and board review to each full proposal received.
  • Applicants may receive a request for a site visit.
  • All applicants are notified in writing of the final decision of the board and approved applications are posted to the Trust’s website in the grant recipients section. Click here to review the Trust’s timeline.
  • Approved applicants are asked to sign an award agreement with the Trust.
  • Progress and annual reports including outcomes and financial activities are required.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


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