Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Tennessee Justice Center

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Feb 20 2014

The Tennessee Justice Center (TJC) advocates on behalf of Tennesseans in need, in areas of public policy having the greatest impact on their health and welfare; by means which afford clients opportunities to make their own voices heard; and which emphasize collaboration across lines of race, class, and generation. TJC also supports the work of others engaged in similar advocacy efforts, beyond state boundaries, on behalf of families in need. TJC was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) on October 26, 1995.  The agency's outcomes for the year include: 1) Provide quality individualized legal assistance to 300 vulnerable Tennesseans. In at least 85% (255 of 300) cases, TJC will be successful or partially successful in assisting client with their health care needs.  2) Monitor the ongoing implementation of the ACA, especially policies that impact the state's most vulnerable, including TennCare enrollees. As appropriate, troubleshoot systemic issues during regular meetings with state and/or federal officials, and 3) Through the REACH program, facilitate at least 25 trainings for 500 parents and advocates throughout Middle Tennessee.  90% of trainees will show understanding of children's health enrollment and advocacy procedures.  REACH will also provide individualized legal assistance to 60 children in Middle Tennessee. 42 (70%) of cases will be resolved during the grant term, 36 (85%) will secure health coverage.  

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