Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

New Beginnings Center

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Dec 4 2013

The New Beginnings Center (TNBC) was incorporated in 2011 with a stated purpose to provide a place where Nashville women -- whatever their age, background or income -- can embark on programs that allow them to achieve new levels of fitness, strength well-being and confidence. The grant requested will fund the nutrition, life-coaching, personal development and behavior modification training classes for 20 women with 155+hours of individualized coaching and a 50% of materials needed for a full year in the program. 17 out of 20 women or 85% will achieve reduction in body weight of 7% after completing the program after one year.17 out of 20 women or 85% will achieve a 8% reduction of BMI, and a 5% waist reduction circumference. 85% of women with a high fasting glucose will realize a reduction of 3%. 18 out of 20 women will experience an improvement in at least 2 symptoms related to obesity. 18 out of 20 women will demonstrate an improved self concept, healthy behaviors, and will reach their wellness goals as detailed at the beginning of the program.

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