Partnership Grants

Baptist Healing Trust Partnership Grants are made to health related non-profit organizations in the Middle Tennessee area to provide extra support necessary to apply the principles of compassionate  care through funds and in-kind services relating to leadership training, staff development and consulting. BHT Partners receive funds for the expenses associated with undertaking cultural change.

The Trust seeks to empower non-profit organizations to take a more strategic approach in tackling the challenges they face, to craft new ways of enhancing their effectiveness, to strengthen their staffs, and  to enhance compassionate care within their organizations. BHT Partnership grants require the non-profit partner and the Trust  to determine the current needs of the organization and the opportunity for and scope of implementing a staff and leadership training program for the organization.  Partners may want to consider evaluating either or both employee and client satisfaction.

Please visit the How to Apply section of the website to learn more about applying for a Partnership Grant.

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