Operating Grants

Operating Grants provide unrestricted, core operating support for our non-profit partners who have an established relationship with BHT, have a mission that is congruent with BHT and have demonstrated organizational and financial sustainability. The operating grant funding amount is based on the budgeted operating expenses of the agency.

Eligibility Criteria for Operating Grants

Agency has an established relationship with BHT
  • Agency has at least three full years of previous grant funding history with BHT.
  • Agency has received a grant from BHT within the previous 12 months.
  • Agency met or exceeded outcomes and complied with all reporting procedures with previous grants.
Agency's mission is in close alignment with BHT.
  • Agency provides compassionate health services to the vulnerable in Middle Tennessee.
  • The majority of the agency's programs are health services that produce measurable, positive health outcomes within one of BHT's areas of interest or produce system change efforts that directly increases access to compassionate healthcare.
  •  At minimum, 51% of the agency's clients must reside within the geographical area funded by BHT and be considered socio-economically disenfranchised.
Agency has demonstrated organizational sustainability and stable financial position.
  • Agency had revenues (excluding in-kinds) of $500,000 or more in their most recent year of operation.
  • Agency must have received an unqualified audit for the prior two years.  In addition, the agency must provide any letters from their auditors which communicate material weaknesses and/or significant deficiencies in the agency's internal controls.
  • Agency has total assets of less than $20,000,000.
  • Agency must have unrestricted net assets greater than $0.
  • Request amounts must follow the guidelines based on size of agency's budget (operating expenses) for the most current budget year.
  • Requests cannot exceed $80,000.
  • Applicant cannot apply for a transom and operating grant within the same year.
  • Grants will be awarded for one year terms.
$500,000- $749,000                      $30,000 
$750,000 - $999,999                      $45,000
$1M - $1,999,999                          $60,000
$2M and above                             $80,000

If your agency meets the eligiblity criteria to apply, please visit the How to Apply section of the website for more details about applying for an Operating Grant. 
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