Critical Needs Grants

In 2009, in response to the economic climate, the Trust began offering this grant category. The Trust will consider organizational funding when a critical need arises to assist the organization through an unforeseen loss of funding.  These grants are not meant to fund temporary cash flow disruptions or for agencies having ongoing difficulties meeting their payroll.

These grants will be considered on an as needed basis, and funds will be directed on an organizational level rather than a program level. Please note that critical needs grants will be restricted and cannot be used to fund capital campaigns or capital expenditures.   Additionally, the critical needs grant approval process from time of initial inquiry, while more expedient than our typical grant approval process, usually takes four to six weeks. 

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Organizational mission is congruent with the Trust’s mission.
  2. Agency has a current or previous funding relationship with the Trust.
  3. Agency demonstrates providing critical, unduplicated services to the community.
  4. Agency has a history of service in the Middle Tennessee community.
  5. Agency has a plan for long term financial viability.
  6. Request is time sensitive.

Visit the How to Apply section of the website to learn more about applying for a Critical Needs grant.

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