History with Baptist Hospital

From 2002 - 2008, Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee was the recipient of a significant portion of Trust’s funds annually based on its success in maintaining the Baptist mission of loving care and the continuance of the Baptist name.

Baptist Hospital was awarded a grant in 2008, pursuant to the Asset Purchase Agreement between St. Thomas Health Systems and Baptist Hospital, in the amount of $5,489,696, to advance its ongoing initiative to support a culture of compassionate care throughout the organization. Initiatives have included special programs for seniors, innovative hiring and orientation programs, leadership and employee partner development, mission related education and community outreach. In addition, a significant portion of the 2008 award was directed towards initiatives to improve staffing at the hospital.

Previous grant amounts include a 9.175 million dollar award in 2007, 4.828 million dollar award in 2006, 6.034 million dollar award in 2005, a 7.7 million dollar award in 2004 and a 1.288 million dollar award in 2003. As of 2008, the total amount awarded to Baptist Hospital is over 34 million dollars.

The Trust, while created out of the sale of Baptist Hospital to Ascension Health/St. Thomas Health Services, is now a private, independent foundation and is not affiliated with the current Baptist Hospital or Baptist Hospital Foundation.

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