About Us

Letter from the Staff

Welcome to a window on the world of the Baptist Healing Trust. Through this window, we hope you will come to learn about our organization and the potential for compassionate care in your work. The tools offered in this place are designed to help you become the kind of compassionate organization your own founders most likely had in mind when you first began to serve in your community.

At the founding of the Baptist Healing Trust, our Board decided we wanted to be more than just another grant making organization that distributes checks to charities. Instead, we have chosen to offer support to selected organizations in ways that go beyond money. Our mission is the sacred work of fostering healing and wholeness for vulnerable populations through strategic investing, philanthropy, and advocacy. We are open to engaging with any non-profit organization in Middle Tennessee that is dedicated to compassionate healthcare in any way that we can.

We hope you will find in these pages a number of opportunities that may be helpful to you as you seek to serve the Middle Tennessee community.

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